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:: 2023 19 January :: 6.15 am

Y'all. In case anyone could use a chuckle today, I finally told my super conservative, deeply Christian fundamentalist mother that I'm bisexual, and this is how it went:

Me: S and I just bought our tickets to go to Australia this summer! June 23rd - July 15th. We're really excited. And, I'm flying out to Portland in March to see my friend T's piano recital.

Mom: Oh? Is that something that you really want to do?

Me: Um. Do you think I'd be going out there if I didn't want to?

Mom: Well, I mean. He's...he's gay, isn't he?

Me: ...Yes. He's gay...

Mom: Isn't there anyone else from that music studio that you're still connected with?

Me: T is one of my closest friends. I gotta say, your response here is sounding pretty homophobic.

Mom: Yeah. I guess I am homophobic.

Me: Mom, I'm bisexual.

Mom: Oh, I know.

Me: ...Wait. You do?

Mom: Yes! Wait. What does bisexual mean??

Me: It means I'm attracted to men and women.

Mom: WHAT! Since when?

Me: I came out when I was nineteen.

Mom: You came out when you were nineteen??

Me: Yeah. To my friends. Not to my family.

Proceeds to ask a ton of invasive and insensitive questions, including but not limited to:

- Since when did you have sexual relations with a woman??
- Does S know??? What does he think????
- How dare you dishonour the sanctity of your marriage! Sleeping around with other women!
- Have you tried praying about it? *my personal favourite*

Bonus: She started telling me about a roommate she had at Hope College who was a lesbian and "came on" to her, which made her deeply uncomfortable. She was actually spending a semester in Philadelphia when this happened. She went on to have an amazing encounter with God and the Holy Spirit during that trip, so it wasn't a total loss!

Told S about it afterwards - he said, what did she think bisexual means? I said I had no idea. He said maybe she thought I meant "bride-sexual" - saving myself for marriage to a heterosexual man, baybeeee! LMAO

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:: 2023 9 January :: 9.25 am

yummm good stuff
Bloodhound Gang
Brand New
Motion City Soundtrack

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:: 2022 16 December :: 10.05 am
:: Mood: exuberant
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"You must die! I alone am best!!1!!1"
*cue dirty bass*

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